Thursday, December 29, 2011

Allie's Baptism

So I know I am a just a tad behind since Allie was baptized in October.  But hey, better late then never right!

Allie was very excited because she got to be baptized with her cousin Zoe.  

After the Baptism we went to my brother's house and had a big luncheon.  Since we were all together we took a big photo.  It is always so much fun to get together with family.

The Moon Family

The Adams Family

It was a great day and I am so proud of Allie for the choice that she has made!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Polar Express

Last night we all took a ride on the Polar Express (Heber Creeper) to the North Pole!  The kids have been very excited for this and we even went out and picked new jammies for us all to wear a couple nights before!

We went with a quite large group of friends and family of friends.  My good friend Ashley made up these cute tickets for all the kids to have.

At the train station she passed all of the tickets out.

I don't think they were very excited at all!

While we were waiting we posed for some pictures.

Once we were on the train we all posed for more pictures!

Then the Conductor came around to punch our tickets. So the kids got out the ones that Ashley made and got them all punched.

We got cookies

And Milk

When we got to the North Pole Santa boarded the train and talked to all the kids and gave them each a magical bell.  (Although I don't see what is so magical about it.  It doesn't even make a sound.  HMMMM?)

On the way back to Heber we sang Christmas Carols, told jokes and of course posed for more pictures.

We all had so much fun!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Not Spoiled

I would just like to say, I am not spoiled no matter what you think!

But I sure do love my hubby!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Grandma's House

A couple weeks ago we had a girls crafting weekend at my Grandma's house.  It was a great weekend and I posted our sewing/quilting projects on my other blog The Crafty Blog Stalker. My Mom grew up in this house and I have lots of good memories of this house as well.  It was always so much fun to come to Grandma's house and play pool in her basement.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Grants

So if you know me you know that I love to take pictures.  I have never taken a class but I would really want to.  So in the mean time I just play.  Some good friends of ours wanted some pictures for their adoption profile page and I accepted the challenge with the warning that I am not a professional, but if I took enough pictures we should get lucky and get some good shots.  Well I must say that I am pretty excited about how they turned out.  These are my favorites!

We all had a lot of fun!  Thanks for letting me play!